# Initial Setup

# Create Account

After agreeing to the Terms of Use, create a strong password. This is used to encrypt your data so that other Chrome extensions can't read it.

If you want to start fresh, use the newly-generated account. Copy the seed phrase and save it somewhere safe (as it is required to send DOTs and sign transactions).

If you have an existing account you want to use, click the Import tab and paste your existing seed phrase in.

# Dashboard

See labels on screenshot.

# Account Management

To open Account Management you have to click on settings icon and select Account Management.

# Address Book

To open Address book click on settings icon and select Address Book.

When you click on Add address from the menu it will open form to add new address.

# Receive

Just click Receive from the main screen to get here.

Either scan the QR code, or copy and paste the account address by clicking it.

# Send

Input the details

Verify the details

Once sent, wait for it to confirm.

It has confirmed.